The first step on the road to clear, confident speech!

Articulate Now has arrived and invites you to join us on the road to clear, confident speech.

What’s this blog all about?

I’d like to share tips, advice and interesting posts to help you feel great about your speech and voice.

Here’s how people often feel about speaking and presenting;

  • unhappy with how their voice feels or sounds
  • concerned that their voice lacks interest
  • petrified!

Great speaking is not about following strict rules or guidelines, I believe that it’s about;

  • discovering how best to use your voice so that you deliver your message in a way that resonates with your listeners.
  • feeling relaxed and present
  • finding enjoyment in sharing, informing, motivating or inspiring with your message

Next week we’ll start BASIC; a five week plan to get you on the road to making the most of your speech and voice.

Our first topic is the Body…… Leotard optional 🙂

See you then,