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Is Your Goal To Speak Clearly and to Present with Confidence?

Articulate Now provides the practical solutions you need to achieve this goal

What does Articulate Now do?

Whether your message is to inform, share, motivate or inspire, we can help you to speak and present clearly.

Who is Articulate Now?

For 10 years Emma Coogan has worked with clients on Clear, Confident Speaking and Presenting Skills through her school Emma Coogan School of Speech and Drama. In response to client feedback, she founded Articulate Now to focus solely on this particular service. She enjoys flexing her own voice and loves to share her skills and dulcet tones through her work as Voice Artist and audio book reader for NCBI.

Who can we help?

We can help you if you are a …


Who would like to work on your pitch


And are looking for innovative and practical in-house communication development ideas


And would like flexible, relevant and well run in-house communications training


And would like to improve your pitching-to-clients skills


And would like to upgrade your communication skills


And would like to share your knowledge and information in an engaged way that respects your voice


And would like to animate the way that you share your message via video


TEDtalk Speaker, Key-Note Speaker, Councillor, Politician, Officiator and would like to polish your delivery


who would love to feel confident and happy about your voice and speech in every situation 🙂

Our Objective

To improve your speaking and presenting skills, so that your delivery feels, looks and sounds relaxed and confident.

Our 5 Step Plan

  • Warm – Up

  • Find the Meaning

  • Colour The Meaning

  • Share Your Style

  • Put together your own follow up plan



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see in-house training
see one-to-one training


Beginning the classes, I was concerned that I would require a lot of lessons to improve my speech. Emma reassured me that I could accomplish a lot in just a few lessons – this no-pressure approach convinced me that I had made the right decision and I was really surprised at how quickly I made progress with my voice. I was also concerned that the lessons would focus more on vocal theory than practice but was pleased that Emma’s technique had a good balance of both.

My favourite part of the class were the vocal warmup exercises. Some of these were tricky to get the hang of initially but I have since incorporated them into my morning routine and have already noticed results. Even seemingly simple tips like breathing deeply or opening your mouth wide enough to release the sound, are invaluable to anyone looking to improve their speech.

I would happily recommend Emma to anyone looking to improve their voice or speech. Her lessons are fun and informative and very reasonably priced.Fergal
– Advertising Executive
I would highly recommend this class. I can honestly say that Emma understands what you want to improve. Then work on your specific issues and problematic areas. Emma is committed and genuinely interested in her work.Roshan
– Systems Analyst
Q1. What were your concerns when you started the classes and how did you feel once you started?
Clarity and strength of voice,pronunciation and presentation of work.

Q2. What, specifically was your favourite part of your classes?
Customization of classes exactly to my progress, as well as concerns.

Q3. If you were to recommend the class to a friend, what would you say?
Very helpful and useful. Gave me confidence in my speech as well as great result that we have achieved. Yvona
– Marketeer
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