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In-house Training

During this one-day course participants will learn the skills and techniques to elevate their speaking and presentation skills. Learn how to deal with nerves, how to speak confidently and how to engage your listener.

Why choose In-house Training?

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    Flexible – choose course options to suit your needs.

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    Practical – and relevant content. Focus specifically on your needs to cultivate solid speaking skills that relate to day-to-day practise and real life interactions.

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    Clear objectives and aims – Develop great speaking skills that are pertinent to your industry.

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    Instant, tangible results – Before the day is over, our participants already feel more confident in delivering a message with clarity and impact.

What you need to know


Prior to the course, participants will be provided with, or asked to think about a piece that they will work on during the day.

Who is this for?

Suitable for all levels of participants who need to speak and present in a clear, confident style.


To improve your speaking and presenting skills, so that your delivery feels, looks and sounds relaxed and confident.


Exclusive onsite training in location of clients choosing.

Our Method

  • We believe that we paint a picture with our voice.
  • When we are connected with our speech and voice, our words can paint a vivid picture of our ideas, thoughts & personality.
  • Each word and phrase we say has a meaning and a meaning behind it and we teach people how to identify this meaning and how to colour this meaning so that the words and ideas resonate with our listeners.

Our 5 Step Plan


Warm – Up


Find the Meaning


Colour The Meaning

Top Coat

Share Your Style


Put together your own follow up plan


In-house – Option 1


  • Duration – One Day
  • Up to 5 Participants
  • Location Client Venue
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Customised Training

Articulate Now is happy to devise customised programmes to suit a client’s specific needs. Please do get in touch so that we can get you started.

Our One-to-One Course may also be of interest to you.

One-to-One Training

Your customised course will cover all or some of the areas below. We can make suggestions and help you to tailor a course to your specific requirement.

Why clients choose One-to-One?

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    Convenient – Take a class on a day, time and medium (face-to-face or via skype) that suits you.

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    Efficient – Focus specifically on your needs and the areas that you would like to develop and improve

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    Flexible – Choose a programme duration that suits you.

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    Results – Deliver a speech, presentation, pitch, interview, conversation, or exam

Course Content


Prepare Your Voice
● Relaxation
● Posture
● Breathing
● Resonance
● Tone
● Projection and safe vocal volume


Prepare Your Speech
● Articulation exercises
● Elocution
● Pronunciation
● Enunciation
● Accent softening and reduction
● Dialect coaching
● Word and syllable stress
● Grammar


Get Your Message Across Clearly
● Pause
● Rate of delivery
● Phrasing of content


Keep Your Audience Interested
● Vocal variety
● Emphasis
● Speak with authenticity
● Speak with passion
● Persuasive speech
● Engage with your audience
● Deal with nerves
● Eye contact
● Gesture


Private One-to-One Venue 1: Zion Parish Hall, Rathgar, Dublin 6

Private One-to-One Venue 2: Booterstown Community Centre, Grotto Avenue, Booterstown, Co. Dublin

All courses are strictly by appointment only.